Spine Chart Target

– Please Note –

When making an arrow selection, please carefully measure all your attributes ie Pounadge, Arrow length and combined weight of point and/or any inserts to be used carefully.

Remember, This is a total combined weight, example if you are using a Goliath Insert of 22 grain then adding a 100 grain point, A 60lb bow over 310fps at 28″ draw your spine would come in at 350.


Calculating Your Correct Spine

#1 – Find your correct draw weight (In Lbs) also the desired point weight you wish to shoot. This will be point and if/or Insert weight combined. Unlike Hunting chart.

#2 – By measuring from the throat of the nock to the end of the shaft, Decided what is the best length for your setup.

#3 – This will give you a guide on what spine best suits your bow specifications.

Remember, If you are shooting a longer than standard field point you may need to move to a stiffer spine.