F.O.C. Calculator

  • F.O.C. or Forward of centre is the arrows total weight as a percentage that is located in the front half of the arrow. Sufficient F.O.C. balance to any arrow is highly crucial to accuracy, but even more so when it comes to a hunting arrow. Higher F.O.C. within reason, will improve performance in windy conditions as well as aiding in penetration.
  • Bow Hunting F.O.C. Range:
  • For Bow Hunting, an ideal F.O.C. Range would be between 10 -15%.
  • Target FOC Range:
  • For Target Archery, an ideal F.O.C. range is 7 -15% indoors and 10-15 outdoors .
  • Always remember by adding weight to either the front or rear of the arrow shaft will modify the balance of your arrow. Heavier or longer vanes, wraps and or lighted nocks as an example, increase the weight of the rear portion of the arrow which decreases the F.O.C. Please keep this is mind when building your ultimate setup. Our S/S F.O.C. Inserts, Heavier points or Broadheads will help aid in the increases the F.O.C.